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A picture of me.

What the ciritics said...
You loo loo head!" Florence 5
"Is Howard your dustbin?" Naomi 3

Welcome to Howard's home pages. The site for well, me really, gosh. How very modern. How very sad.
When not being insulted by my daughters and their friends, here are some of the things I get up to.




Scrooge at Thames Ditton Junior School (no pictures, or sound!)


Hercules the panto!

SooB concert at the Little Theatre in Brighton and Joseph and the Amazing Tecnicolour Dreamcoat, both in March 2001.


April 2000 and its Oliver!

There were no pictures from the Wars and Whores concert (September) , nor from Pied Piper (December). There is however a picture of Mike in a skirt taken at one of the rehearsals!


During 1999 we Fame to the Wimbledon Theatre (yep, Wimbledon, 1700 (yess!) seats) during July, and as well as playing bass I designed the sound rig. You can read how I got on in "You're playing with the big boys now".

Other shows in 1999 were Kiss Me Kate (Windsor, June/July) and Encore! The Millennium Show (Rhoda McGraw, December/January 2000).

In December 1999, was a panto- The Real Cinders! (oh no it isn't....).

Finally a rare picture of Mike's Piano!



As a man with the camcorder, every now and then I get to do a mates wedding, for fun. As well as doing tapes for the happy couple and their families I thought it would be fun to stick some video on the web (hence the name of this site).

  • Barry & Catherine and their families and friends, should therefore click here.
  • Jason & Carolyn and their families and friends should click here.
  • Niall & Frances and their families and friends should click here.
  • Miriam's wedding



In this spot, will one day be a link to various sketches and other writings. One day. Promise. In the meantime here is a picture of me in a play wot I wrote, the circlet being the very same one used as the site logo!


Oh, and here are the baby bumps, here are some pictures of San Francisco and here are some panoramas.

Also couple of projects for Farnborough Baptist Church.

1001 uses for a dead hard drive?

A railway in the garden?

The bus people is a short film made by Naomi....



My mates on the web. Contacts for various things. Links I just happen to like.

  • Jason is at the jazz-zone
  • David and his helicopter, and here too.
  • Goldsworth Theatre Company don't have a web site (yet) but you can email them.
  • My favorite cake shop
  • Chris and his cat have a page here (well, they used to!)
  • Jeff and his aeroplane
  • Oog.
  • Jerry (the brother in law, oh and a picture of me sis').
  • Paul.
  • Andy Webber (a nice write up of Cobham Park, where I worked when I was as Logica).
  • Another sister has her own site.

Finally my own work pages.