SooB Concert

A nice simple rig...a couple of mics, small mixer, powered monitors...and away...

Chan# Description From Insert Destination
1 Sue Trantec Stick Radio Mic Compressor 1 L/R
2 Partner Mikes SM 58 Compressor 2 L/R
11/12 FX Return From ART Reverb (L&R)   L/R
Ret 1        
Ret 2        
Aux 1 FX Send     To ART
Aux 2 Foldback (to existing house amp)     Maybe!
Alt 3        
Alt 4        
L FOH Left     JBL EON
R FOH Right     JBL EON

Although a small rig, it is a long way from home, so here is the list of stuff to take:

Some backup stuff, in case we need to use existing house amp & speakers

And in case the radio mic plays up:



Small Circle Of Flowers